mindsea empire

In an era a million years distant from ours, an empire will span the galaxy, its citizens the decendants of humans who left Earth to colonize over three thousand new worlds.

Imperial scientists will manipulate space, time, and identity, weaving together a few chosen threads from among the countless numbers of possible events to create the tapestry of imperial history.

The empire's founder, Attequol, named the empire after the one characteristic living beings must possess in order to become citizens of the empire. They must be part of a "common mind," or "mindsea," sharing an awareness that recognizes and meshes with the timeline of imperial history.

The Imperial Insignia shows a globe containing the galaxy, which represents the pooled awareness of imperial citizens, atop a pillar of black and white checkers, which represents the spacetime-identity manipulating science of Patternistics.

Over the course of millennia, the concept of the mindsea changed. Instead of signifying the mass of citizens, it came to signify a single citizen who personified the empire, who controlled the weaving of events into history. These mindseas used their knowledge of imperial science and the focus of their willpower to shape the empire. Often they ruled as emperor or empress, sometimes for thousands of years. They became feared and hated by those whose lives they manipulated.

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