Crossing Over

Thermeon's Patternistic Name

Crossing Over I am named.
For building bridges I am famed.
I seek the unknown's mist-veiled shore
I meet its challenge with a roar.

If the chasm barring me
Is empty space, I'll fell a tree
To throw across the canyon wide
And bring me to the other side.

But if the gap is one of mind,
A bridge of thought is what I'll find.
I'll test ideas new or scorned
Until the link I crave is formed.

And if the break is stranger still
Formed from defects of the will
I'll forge past caution, past views of right
To bring new vistas into sight.

Death is just another breach
Across which I must strive to reach.
And if my human brain can't solve
The time-bridge puzzle, I'll evolve.

Humanity is not my core.
I'm ever changing into more.
I am the universal rover,
A surge of will named Crossing Over.

Crossing Over

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