The Galactic mindsea Empire divided into Eight Sectors

Travel Time from Sector One to Sector Eight

LevelHome-Level TimePerceived Time
Home100,000 years100,000 years
Deep One6,250 years390 years
Deep Two390 years1.5 years
Deep Three24 years1.75 days
Deep Four1.5 years25 minutes
Deep Five30 days3 seconds

The standard interstellar ship is the tetrascoper, capable of navigating Deep Four. Pentascopers, ships that fly Deep Five, are not generally used for travel within the empire, as the brevity of perceived travel time makes overshooting one's goal a very real danger. Pentascopers are used by planet hunters and intergalactic traders. With a pentascoper, travel time to the Andromeda Galaxy is a little over two imperial years, with perceived time of about a minute.

Imperial ships contract spacetime by rearranging the patterns of the matter composing them and their cargo into a form that can be acted upon by deep-level forces.

the pilots guild
The logo of the imperial pilots' guild. Orgmorgan, longtime head of the pilots' guild.

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