The Mindsea Academy of Lal

The Mindsea Academy of Lal

This is one of the institutions where talented or power-hungry would-be mindseas gather in order to study the intricacies of Patternistics and learn, perhaps, to control the forces that weave reality.

Vedina had this poem inscribed in the entrance hall:

The Molten Time

Stranger tales I have to tell
Than when the Earth first drew on her grass-green veil,
And the first insects crawled from the sea's dark swell
To dry their shining wingspans on the shore.

There is a deeper world, where all that may be awaits,
Where creeping tides of dreams and will and fate
Build into a mighty wave that crests and breaks
And inundates our world with fearsome roar.

Then, in that molten time, as two worlds intersect,
Above the shards of older patterns wrecked,
A mind, a time stand in lightning etched
And brand our memories forever more.

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