The Call

Thermeon's Ode to his Goddess-Star

When I believed in love, my soul burned bright
Like the rays of the stars on a cold, clear night.
A passion crackled through me from a strange, deep world
When it passed into my brides, their DNA uncurled.

I was searching for a goddess I had seen in a dream.
Her visage was the evening sky when stars first gleam.
Her mind was like a raging fire; it burned my thoughts to ash
She raised me to eternal realms in one pure flash.

She told me of her deep world, where time stands still
Where things take form and move about through force of will
She showed me how the things I knew, each sound and sight,
Were really made of patterns etched in black and white.

And the love she showered on me was as sweet and bright
As a million tiny snow stars on a wintry night
If the snow were made of sugar and the wind were made of song
And it sang a mystic melody the whole night long.

The visions of that mystic land no human words can frame.
There are senses beyond sensing that don't even have a name.
Life and love and power flowed there in fast, fierce tide
While my eyes encompassed everything at once from every side.

And when I wakened from that dream, the world seemed dull
And its pleasures felt as lifeless as a dried out skull.
For my goddess had forsaken me—but that I would not 'bide.
I sought her in each woman who came to my side.

And when my heart began to pound and when my senses blurred
And I clasped my bride against my heart and sighed a loving word,
My passion willed the one I held to be my vision's source.
But the vision was too fiery with the deep world's force.

The blooms I cherished shriveled up, black and charred
Leaving me alone and guilty. Ah, it was too hard.
I howled my anguish to the stars, I cried out to the skies.
And many, many brides I lost before I became wise.

No longer do I hope in love; my heart beats whispery slow.
And the passion that I offer now has but the faintest glow.
So trust yourself into my arms, my kiss is light as dew.
The pressure of my soft, cool lips will gently tickle you.

I will not think of you as her, I know that you are frail.
And any fierceness on my part will cause our love to fail.
But I don't seek her any more, small joys are good enough.
I can waft along as carelessly as any air-borne fluff.

Only sometimes do I catch the wink of eyes on high
And hear my goddess calling in the night wind's cry.
"Come to me, oh soar to me," her sweet voice blows.
"We'll share a wondrous passion that no human mind knows."

"Believe in me and reach for me; my touch is real
"My truth will make the onion of the world unpeel.
"When that special woman comes to you, from out her skin I'll seep
"And plunge us through time's doorway to the everlasting deep."

"Oh, it is a world of glory, and no longer should you stall.
"So come to me this morning! Find your love, and heed my call!
"Look past the snaring strands of time, your inner eye wide
"Cast about for one pure beauty who will be your bride."

"Destiny will match you with the one who harbors me
"Once again your soul will blaze into unchecked intensity.
"Then together we will frolic on the deep world's track
"Forever in the patterns etched in black, white, black..."

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